Board Game Symbol Library November 2018 update

At the time of writing this, the Board Game Symbol Library has been downloaded over 980 times! Time to finally update it. At the moment, it’s only an ease-of-use update, but an update nonetheless.

It’s been awesome seeing the download counter steadily working its way up, but I just haven’t had the time to update the library. Well, now things are calming down with everything else in life that has to be done, so I figured I could start with an ease-of-use update to the library.

November update

In this update, I got rid of the single eps-files and instead exported each individual symbol into its own svg-file, as well as rendering them as png-files.

What this means is that you can now pick and choose which symbol you want to use rather than opening the big file and choosing from there. The rendered png-files will allow you to both easily inspect each symbol, and use the symbol without using a vector program.

Up next is to export everything as individual eps-files as well for ease of use with the Adobe Creative Suite (mainly InDesign).

Check out the updated files and stay tuned to the Facebook page for future updates, and thanks for checking out the library!

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