Fractal Symbols

Over the years as I have been working on my various design projects, I’ve noticed a trend. I enjoy making symbols, and I’m getting pretty good at making them. I also noticed something else; a distinct lack of symbols available for me to use.

My goal with Fractal Symbols is to facilitate easy-to-use symbols available to everyone through the Creative Commons Attribution license, meaning everyone is free to use and modify the symbols as needed, as long as they mention the symbols originated from this collection.

My design philosophy is to make simple symbols that can either work by themselves or serve as a base for making a specific symbol to suit its use. In some cases, I have used symbols from existing public domain symbols, and have often simplified or otherwise modified them to suit my need and to fit in the collection.

I have divided the collection into separate libraries based on overall use. At the moment, it only contains one library; the Board Game Library.

This project is on-going, and as I make more symbols (or revisit some already created), they will be added to the collection, possibly forming new libraries or sections within existing libraries.

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