7 Wonders organizer

We’ve been thinking of getting 7 Wonders for quite some time, and then we got to play it at our Friendly Local Game store, Skuggspel, and we were instantly hooked and got both the game and the three expansions.



When opening 7 Wonders it became apparent that a foamcore organizer was needed. The plastic insert that it comes with is fairly well made and holds everything (although we had troubly fitting in all the tokens and storing them in any meaningful way), but the game can be improved with a token tray to store all tokens and while we’re at it we might as well add more card holders to make setup easier (since 7 Wonders already have a slight curve on the setup).

Since the box is so high, making two layers was a given. But for this one I didn’t want to repeat the Elder Sign way with making two layers. The bottom would still only hold things that are needed once, while the top would have to hold the Ages-cards and the tokens as a tray.

Instead of trying to fit a token tray inside a top layer I figured I could just make two trays that fit together with each other ontop of a bottom layer.

One thing I noticed with the Elder Sign organizer was that it’s somewhat easier (and looks better) to fit a foamcore tray inside a foamcore slot. This lead me to make the bottom layer into an insert rather than just a tray, since it wasn’t going to be lifted out of the box anyway.

So the organizer I ended up making has a bottom layer that works as an insert, with high walls and dividers that set the height of the bottom layer, and two top level trays, once for tokens and one for Ages.

Final thoughts

I’m soooo happy with this organizer. Sure, the measurements is somewhat sloppy (the card holders are bigger than they have to be) and the trays fit a bit too snuggly but overall it’s a gorgeous organizer that does just what you want – not only does it hold every expansion (some promos should fit as well – I can only fit one more wonder in at the moment, so it caps at 16 wonders), it also makes it easier to setup and tear down, as well as makes some part easier during the actual gameplay and the actual look is great.


I’ve uploaded the schematics, along with all measurements. It’s based on A4 sheets so it can be printed and cut from if you want. Note that the build time is estimated and does not cover getting ready with all tools and such, and you should let the glue rest for atleast an hour or two depending on the glue before you use the insert and I have not factored this in.

7 Wonder organizer by fractale

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